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PEL was founded by Ashok Kanodia in Faridabad, a suburb of Delhi, to manufacture SINGLE SIDED PCBs.


PEL brand of PCB established in Northern India


PEL expands facilities in Faridabad.


Production of DOUBLE SIDED PLATED THRU HOLE PCBs initiated.


Acquires a plot measuring 5000 m2 in NOIDA ,an industrial suburb of Delhi


Govt. opens the Telecom sector for Private industry participation. PEL receives license to manufacture Telecom Transmission equipment viz. Access MUX, Line Systems, Radio equipment & Subscriber Radio terminal (SRE) for the Multi Access Rural Radio system (MARR)


PEL obtains Govt. permission to setup the largest PCB manufacturing facility in Northern India. Construction for a state-of-art air conditioned and dust free facility covering 5000 m2 started


Transfer of Technology agreements signed with:

  • Wagner Schaltungstechnik of Germany for Multi-Layer PCB.
  • ITI Ltd. for Primary and Second Order MUX.
  • C-DOT for 10-channel Digital Radio for rural connectivity.


EL goes Public. IPO is oversubscribed.


Production At NOIDA begins. Bulk supplies of MUX and Subscriber Radio Equipment of Rural Radio Communication System (SRE) to ITI Ltd. Rights issue initiated to fund cost overrun caused due to Indian currency de-valuation.


Rs. 200 million PO for MUX and Line Systems received from DoT (National PTT). PEL signs technology transfer agreement with:

  • SAT of France for SDH Optical Terminals.
  • Marine AIR systems (MAS) of New Zealand for DXR 200 series of Digital Microwave Radio


Rs. 150 million MTNL PO STM-4 systems received. PEL achieves ISO 9001 quality standards for its operations.


SDH systems installed timely in MTNL Delhi & Mumbai. Sales touch Rs. 350 million.


PEL goes through a period of severe cash crunch due to large withholding of funds against supplies made to a major account.


Maiden contract from the Indian Air Force worth Rs. 100 million for supply of Multi-channel Radio Relay (MCRR) on Vehicular platform received. PEL performs first ever total system integration of COTS equipment to MIL-compliant specs.


  • Rs. 35 million PO for supply of pipe line communication system received from Gujarat Communications & Electronics Corporation Ltd. (GCEL).
  • Against stiff competition PEL bags a prestigious assignment from the ASCON (Army Static Communication Network) working group of the Indian Army to deliver a concept proving platform - the MOBILE ASCON node.


PEL receives award from the ASCON working group for delivering the Mobile ASCON Node. These nodes are deployed and successfully used during active field operations conducted by the Indian Army. The Mobile ASCON node becomes a mainstay for the Indian Army.


MTNL places PO for Rs. 50 million for supply of MUX with interface cards. PEL offers its secured lenders a One Time Settlement (OTS) of all the debts and accepts the financial restructuring package offered.


HQ Northern Command, Indian Army places PO worth Rs. 20 Million for supply of TDM Access Equipment including Flex-MUX and modems. IAF places a repeat order worth Rs. 11 million for supply of MCRR on vehicular platform.


Infusion of capital by strategic investor makes PEL a DEBT FREE company. PEL bags an order from HQ 15 Corps for supply of first ever Spread Spectrum radiosPEL wins RFP for supply of TDM Access Equipment worth Rs. 10 million to HQ Northern Command.IAF places a PO on PEL for spares for already supplied MCRRs worth Rs. 11 million. DRDO places a PO on PEL for supply of TDM MUX.


  • PEL upgrades its facilities and infuses fresh talent for R&D, Tech Support, Production and Marketing activities. Target market is the Military. PEL is awarded contract by IAF for supply Digital Voice Loggers for their ATCs worth Rs.20 million. MTNL places PO for Rs. 20 million for supply of MUX with I/F cards.
  • BSNL (all circles) places PO totaling Rs. 200 million for supply of MUX with I/F cards. PEL successfully completes trials with the Indian Army for its PST-12M platform in the North and North-East regions of India.PEL successfully completes trials with the 21 Signals Group of the Indian Corps of Signals as well as PMO BSS (Battlefield Surveillance System) for its Point-to-Multipoint radio platform.
  • PEL completes successful trials of Digital Voice Loggers with Airport Authority of India.


  • Sales of PDM-30A and data cards grow by 60%
  • PCB sales grow by 30%
  • DGQA registers PEL as preferred vendor to Indian Armed Forces
  • PEL receives PO to supply PST-12M radios to Army and Paramilitary Forces in N-E India
  • PEL successfully deploys DVDRs in 25 different locations (Air-traffic controllers) of the IAF all over India. PEL has developed customer support representatives in J&K, Punjab & Rajasthan to ensure 100% satisfaction for IAF.
  • PEL delivers Project Parikshak of the Indian Army
  • Successful completion of DGQA, CQL and EME evaluations for the PFM-3440M
  • PEL establishes company-wide LAN with state-of-art IT and networking assets to increase productivity of work
  • PEL augmented its human capital and will continue with strategic recruitment activities into 2006 as are commensurate with its envisioned growth.

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