Precision Electronics Limited
Sourcing and Procurement

PEL's Purchase department has extensive experience in the procurement of, electronic/ electrical components, mechanical components and computer hardware locally and around the globe. This expertise, combined with financial purchasing power and the benefit of an advanced IT system, ensures efficient, inexpensive & high-quality procurement.

LLI Management

In order to meet our customers, ever shrinking, lead-time requirements, every BOM is analyzed according to lead-time and quantities. The LLI parts are acquired periodically according to an analyzed rolling forecast. Upon receiving the parts they are stored at the PEL warehouse, ensuring availability at the effective start of the system/ sub-system assembly. A customized ERP system supports the procurement planning process and inventory management and permits periodic adjustments, which enable us to meet changes in our customers forecasts & pull signals.

EOL & Obsolescence Management

PEL's Purchase department keeps track of all our BOM components for EOL. We periodically run surveys & enquiries regarding possible EOL components with all our suppliers. Once a component is detected, a thorough procedure is evolved in order to minimize impact on customer BOM. We provide our customers complete transparency regarding EOL current & future status and provide short & long term solutions.

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