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MSPP (PFM-3500)

PFM-3500M is a carrier class and cost effective bandwidth Provisioning SDH/PDH Multiplexer. It supports end to end provisioning and management services across all the segments. It supports a variety of SDH/PDH/IP interfaces. It supports non-blocking cross-connect at DS0 and E1 granularity and supports drop and continue functionality.

It is designed to keep in mind, the mission critical field condition requirement as per JSS 55555 and MIL-461C. To maintain high MTBF and uninterrupted link availability, optional redundant Power Supply and Control Card functionality make it perfect. Traffic 1+1 protection feature is also a great feature to aggregate interfaces which automatically routes the user circuits to alternate media thus ensuring link availability all the time.

IP interface supports L2/VLAN switching and L2/PPP aggregation with data rates of N x 64Kbps. STM- 1 module enables Ethernet traffic encapsulation into SDH using standard Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) and Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) multiplexing to maximize bandwidth utilization and promote industry-wide interoperability for Ethernet. It supports up to 14xVC12 per module.

TDMoIP interface enables transportation of TDM circuits over Ethernet/IP networks and supports Point- to-Point / Point Multipoint topologies, VLAN tagging and QoS with robust Clock recovery mechanisms.

Our device is compatible with any 3rd party standards compliant devices.

Router interface supports WAN protocols like PPP and Frame relay as per ITU-Q933 Annex-A and routing protocols like Static routing, dynamic routing (RIP1/ RIP2) and PPP, NATP/NAT/PAT. It supports 1023 virtual circuits in case of Frame Relay protocol.


  • Fully modular, Multi-service Provisioning system
  • Non-blocking cross-connect matrix at DS0 and E1 level
  • Performs multi-service provisioning over any infrastructure like SDH/PDH/TDM or IP/MPLS network
  • Supports SDH ring topology, point-to-point, point-multipoint and daisy-chain topologies
  • Support Engineering Order Wire (EOW)
  • SNMP-based management via PELView GUI based NMS software
  • Remote management via LAN port or via dedicated time slot

Precision's Multi-Service platforms are designed keeping in mind the requirements of Next Generation Networks (NGN) which demand a flexible architecture to perform grooming, multiplexing, high granularity cross-connect switching, L2-3 networking and transport of high-speed data for TDM (PDH/ SDH) and IP networks/ terminal devices. We provide integrated, cost effective and easily manageable portfolio of products supporting multiple services, network topologies and the entire range of our last mile access solutions.

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