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E1 to V.35 Protocol Converter

This interface conversion achieves the conversion between V.35 (N x 64Kbps) data and the E1 (framed/ unframed) signal, thereby makes the V.35 data transmit through the E1 network. It can be widely used in data network access, Internet access, etc.

It is designed by PEL, which is based on the LSI chip. This compact, low power consume, easy installation and maintenance unit is a kind of high performance, reliable, high integration equipment


  • TEC Approved by DoT
  • Support both framed and unframed E1 Interface
  • Provide different kinds of clock modes (user-selectable)
  • DTE/ DCE Option (user-selectable)
  • CRC Option (user-selectable)
  • E1 Interface
    • Standard: Conforms to ITU-T Rec.G.703
  • V.35 Interface
    • Standard: ITU-T Rec.V.35

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