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Next-Gen Field Telephone (Military)

The MARK-II is a field telephone designed for tactical use. Enabled with state-of-art technology, the telephone is electronically controlled consuming low power and most suitable for all weather conditions.

MARK-II provides facilities for magneto ringing, DC loop calling and full duplex speech communications. With built-in back lit dial pad and push button magneto operation makes MARK-II perfect fit for military use.


  • Capable to work as 2 Line exchange in intercom mode
  • Connects to Magneto Switch Board or PABX on 2 Wire
  • Magneto signalling (RING) by momentary switch operation
  • VoIP SIP application
  • Conformance to MIL grade specifications for mechanical stress, environmental stress as per JSS - 55555 CLASS L2B & CLASS N2 and EMI/EMC as per MIL-STD-461D

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