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Ad-hoc Networked Radio (Military)

EPLRS-I provides robust, high speed battlefield communications for war fighters on the move. Its contention-free networking architecture integrates current battlefield systems and ensures speedy data exchange in time critical situations.

EPLRS-I's data collection and communication capabilities navigation functions cover a wide variety of missions--from air defence to maneuver control and beyond. In air defence, where distributing command and control information and exchanging air track data are crucial, EPLRS-I reliably meets the challenge. In fire support missions, it simultaneously distributes artillery fire requests and mission support data to multiple destinations - a major benefit to war fighters.

EPLRS-I meets the demanding requirements of Intelligence and Electronic Warfare by collecting data from widely dispersed systems in forward battle areas and sending it back to the combat force.

Enhancing the system's reliability, the EPLRS-I network automatically reconfigures itself to overcome the line-of-sight limitations of ultra high-frequency communications and to mitigate jamming threats. In maneuver control operations, EPLRS-I's data communication, position-location reporting, and navigation functions play an integral role.

EPLRS-I provides e-mail, reports, and other information to assist commanders during force deployments and maneuvers.

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