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2 Mbps Primary MUX (PDM-30A)

PDM-30A Primary PCM Multiplexer provides flexible modular VLSI based solutions which provide voice & data applications by TDM on 2,048 MB/s E1 stream. The equipment is fully solid state, field proven and adopts state of the art technology conforming to ITU-T standards. PDM-30A has been designed to connect 30 subscribers to an Analog or Digital exchange. It multiplexes 30 voice or data channels of 64 Kb/s or combination into a stream of 2 Mb/s tributary. Clock distributor interface required for leased data circuits in an integral part of PDM-30A. PDM-30A, a rugged design equipped with twenty slots for various units. Four of them are the common units and the remaining sixteen slots are for channel & signalling units, which provides a variety of user services. All the channel units are HOT SWAPPABLE and different types of channel units can be placed in PDM-30A simultaneously with arbitrary combination.


  • TEC "Type Approved" by Department of Telecom (DoT)
  • Largest installation base in BSNL network
  • Standard CP-7 rack mounting
  • Both Voice and Data Applications on E1
  • Full conformance to ITU-T (standards)
  • CCB payphone application with 16 KHz polarity reversal
  • Flexible internet working with selectable MF/NOMF

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