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2 Mbps PCM MUX (PFM-3440M)

PFM-3440M is a Flexible Multiplexer (Versatile) with built-in Digital Cross Connect, Integrated Network Management and highly flexible Network and user Interface. It is designed to keep in mind, the mission critical field condition requirement as per JSS 55555 and MIL-461C

The duplicated Power Supply and Control Card option is available that provides enhanced MTBF and Fault Tolerance and ensures uninterrupted link availability in case of failure of any of these cards. Moreover (1+1) protection feature on E1 automatically routes the user circuits to alternate media and thus ensures link availability in case of failure of main Media, at user's option.


  • In built Digital Cross-Connect provides Grooming of channels from various network that saves bandwidth and floor space
  • Supports Power Supply and Controller (1+1) protection
  • Supports E1 and Optical traffic (1+1) protection
  • Supports various types of legacy voice interfaces like FXO/ FXS/ Hotline/ E&M/ Magneto etc.
  • Supports various types of Data / IP interfaces like DSL/ V.35/ V.11 / Ethernet etc.
  • SNMP-based management via PELView GUI based NMS software
  • Remote management via LAN port or via dedicated time slot

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